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Kudzu is a beautiful Japanese vine, but if left alone will take over and ruin your property. Our tree services company has dealt with the effects of Kudzu for years. Since its introduction into the United States, Kudzu has become infamous for quickly smothering trees and plants. This vine must be completely removed in order to prevent its regrowth. Our experts are intimately aware of the structure and function of Kingston’s native plants and trees. We advise all of our customers to plant over areas where Kudzu is removed to prevent the residual regrowth.

Removal Process of Kingston Kudzu

There are a variety of treatments to removing Kudzu from your Kingston property. The method of removal might vary from property to property dependant on a number of situations. Common removal techniques include cutting, grazing, burning, or use of chemicals. We have the know how to remove your Kudzu in the least invasive method possible and to restore your property back to its pre kudzu state! Knowledge of the Kudzu lifecycle is key to its permanent removal. Our removal process includes:

  • Removing Kudzu at its root crown, which is the part of the vine that can stimulate new growth.
  • After the Kudzu is gone, we will employ top of the line rehabilitative measures to your remaining plants and trees.
  • In the event that trees are damaged beyond repair, removal of trees that have been weakened and permanently damaged as a result of the Kudzu growth
  • Our technicians will also plant new trees, which will discourage the regrowth of the vine.

Allow our experts to permanently remove Kudzu from your property. Rest assured with our 100% customer service guarantee on our Kudzu removal services. This damaging plant can ruin your property if left untreated or treated improperly. Let our technicians eradicate it for good!

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