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Kingston trees are vulnerable to ticks, mites, and other types of insect infections. Let our tree spraying services give your trees the protection they need to fight off unwanted guests. Don’t risk the health of your trees or the beauty of your property- give your trees the best possible care and they will repay you in kind. We are virtually experts at discovering what your trees need and devising a schedule that fits within your budget and keeps your trees safe from disease and infestation. Check out some of the benefits of utilizing our tree spraying services below:

  • Prevent Parasites: Our services are geared towards providing ultimate protection from unwanted pests and disease.
  • Growth regulation: Unhealthy trees never grow to meet their full potential. Keep your trees in optimum health and going thru all growth cycles just as they are supposed to.
  • Extended Lifespan: Vital nutrients can be delivered to your trees via our spraying services. Curative spraying can make a positive difference in the lifespan of your trees.

We are fully licensed and insured. Our technicians have take the time so they know we know exactly what action is required to keep your trees healthy! We have spent time making sure our tree services are renowned in the Kingston, NY area.

Get Beautiful Trees: Contact our Kingston Tree Service

Our Kingston, New York tree spraying service is absolutely vital for your tree’s health. We’ve priced our tree spraying services to make them affordable to almost everyone. Diligence and proper care will keep your trees in optimum health. Trained technicians can quickly spot any potential infestations or disease. Along with our tree spraying services, contact us and find out more about our other areas of expertise including:

Contact us for unbeatable prices and excellent customer service. We offer our clients a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! Call us so we can give you a free price quote via phone at (845) 481-2245, or via email at, or in the contact form located on the right.

We dispatch tree experts throughout greater Kingston area including Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Arlington, Middletown, Beacon, and more.