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Drooping limbs or dead and decaying branches can be quite a hazard especially when the long icy winter season arrives. Our tree service professionals know the proper way to trim your trees to allow for maximum structural stability, room, and access to sunlight for uninhibited growth. Unmaintained trees can quickly spiral into safety hazards. Well-trimmed trees lend your property a manicured and healthy look. There are numerous reasons to utilize our tree services, including:

  • Health – Disease and pest infestation can quickly spread from branch to branch. Removing infected branches allows for the rest of the tree to thrive and allows proper sunlight and exposure for growth.
  • Structural – Young trees should be trimmed for maximum structural support and enhancement- training if you will. Keeping trees trimmed regularly when they are young keeps you from having problems when they mature.
  • Safety – removal of dead, dying, or improperly intertwined branches to alleviate pressure and prevent breakage. Heavy snows and ice storms can wreak havoc on unhealthy branches. Proper maintenance can remove a potential safety hazard before you even know its there!

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Our tree technicians inspect your trees during trimming and let you know what methods or other services you might need to keep your trees safe and healthy. Tree trimming gives younger trees the proper structure they need to grow strong and beautiful. It also protects mature trees from parasite infections. Other tree services we offer for your trees beauty and protection:

Our professionals will provide you with a free estimate based on the tree trimming services you need. Always timely and courteous, you can take comfort in the fact that we back all of our services with a 100% customer service guarantee.

PWe offer the best Kingston tree services at unbeatable prices. Contact us now via phone at (845) 481-2245 or via email at, or in the contact form located on the right. Our company’s professionals cover Kingston and the surrounding area, including Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Arlington, Middletown, Beacon, and more.